Justify your attendance for MESA and ensure that your conference attendance is approved by your company management by using this template and demonstrating the benefits to you and your company

Event Approval Letter – Sample Template:

Dear [insert line manager name],

I would like to attend MESA Conference, Apr 30 – May 1, 2019 in Dubai, U.A.E. The event aligns directly to the priorities of our department related to cybersecurity & information security challenges / initiatives  [insert your challenges / initiatives].

It’s also very good value for the level of intensive learning and networking that is on offer. In 2 days, I’ll have access to:

- 300+ senior level security leadership and security professional

- Global experts as speakers from key industry verticals.

- 2 days of intensive learning on a range of Security products and topics including government standards, privacy, security in the chip/network/device/cloud.

- 16+ hours of networking with senior level peers from other companies within the Cybersecurity ecosystem

- Interactive panel discussions and case studies

- Analyst Breakfast Briefings featuring top analysts

- Access to a post event workshops

- Access to the event networking tool for arrange meetings in advance of the show and access to presentation slides following the event

I am seeking approval for the registration fee and travel expenditures.

A Full Conference Pass is currently $1500

What’s included in the conference pass?

Gold Pass

Includes access to Keynotes, Security Conference tracks, post show workshop, Access to the exhibition floor, Networking and lunch and refreshments on all conference days.

Here is a complete breakdown of the conference costs:

Airfare: $ [xxx]
Transportation:$ [xxx]
Hotel: $ [xxx] (we receive preferential rates by booking here)
Meals: $ [xx] (lunch included in conference fee)
Conference Fee: $ (insert based on option selected above)
TOTAL: $ [xxxx]

There are a number of key speaker presentations that I plan on attending to improve my knowledge of Cybersecurity. A few of the presentations that I plan to attend include [List Top 3 Sessions Here]

I’ve reviewed the exhibitor list and there are a number of vendors participating that I plan to evaluate for future use. I plan on scheduling private vendor briefings onsite with [Vendor A, Vendor B, Vendor C].

Other staff members in our organization will also be able to benefit as I will meet with the team when I return to relay recommendations and action items, and circulate a detailed an actionable Summary Report.

Please accept this proposal to attend as I’m confident in the significant return we will receive for the small investment.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your standard close]