Judging Process & Criteria


MESA (Middle East Security Awards) is a recognition and acknowledgment of the tireless efforts, achievements and best practices of the Information Security and Risk Industry. MESA will award the most recognized 100 CISO's in Middle East as "MESA CISO 100" which includes Government Security Leaders, Rising Stars in Security & Risk and Most recognized Woman CISO’s in Middle East.

With over 150+ CISO’s and Senior Security Leaders in attendance, the Awards will be a recognition “of the industry by the Industry”. Supported, recognized and endorsed by Key Industry Bodies and Trade Associations, the awards will be steered and judged by a committee comprising of Senior Security and Risk professionals from varied business sectors and domains.

Judging Process and Criteria: MESA will be structured on below 2 Categories

  • Jury’s Choice - MESA - CISO100

Nominations for MESA awards should be in line with the categories defined. The completeness and accuracy of information provided to support the award nomination to fulfill the criteria and other requirements is a key to successful evaluation.

Key Evaluation criteria:

  • Experience and achievements (Personal Certifications, Qualifications & Awards)
  • Sector and Size of representing organization
  • Business Value generation - Successful initiatives and projects (Award Justification Submitted)
  • Contribution to industry (Award Justification Submitted)
  • Company Achievement and awards under CISO leadership

Award Categories

CISO 100 award classification based on jury evaluation and categorization of nomination. 

  • CISO 100 - Security Leaders of Middle East (Default)
  • CISO 100 - Government Security Leaders
  • IT Executive (CIO) for Security 
  • CISO 100 - Rising Stars - Security and Risk Management
  • CISO 100 - Most Recognized Woman CISO's in the Middle East

Submissions must align with the category for which they are nominated, it's recommended to just select CISO 100, if in doubt. Completeness and accuracy of the information provided is very important to be judged correctly. Nominations are also judged based on the overall influence, effectiveness and success of the nominees' influence, project, initiative or improvement.