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Emirsec's LockThreat is leading awareness solution with interactive and engaging employee security awareness programmes for effective results. We deliver best in class and customized programmes that minimize organizational risks and strengthen business. We do this by creating a security aware & risk centric culture by educating and enabling your employees to be able to identify risks and know their personal responsibilities.

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  • LockThreat (i-SAFE) - Information Security Awareness for Everyone

    LockThreat (i-SAFE) - Information Security Awareness for Everyone

    As security threats become more sophisticated and digital opportunities multiply, businesses need to be proactive in their security efforts. SmartGlobal can help your business develop a security strategy to avert threats, minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies promoting growth.
    • Generic
  • LockThreat PHI - Protected Health Information Awareness

    LockThreat PHI - Protected Health Information Awareness

    The Advances in information and communication technologies have transformed the current healthcare system into adoption of digital technologies to promote quality patient care and decision support. The Healthcare ecosystem is transforming towards e-Healthcare with adoption of digital technologies that are patient centric and work as connected delivery platform providing affordable and on-time treatment.
    • Healthcare
  • LockThreat - Airport Cyber Security Awareness

    LockThreat - Airport Cyber Security Awareness

    An increasing number of airport operators today rely on information technology to deliver operational efficiencies and passenger processing. Our awareness programs are designed to educate and prepare the staff working in airports to be more vigilant to defend against cyber threats.
    • Aviation
  • LockThreat PCI Awareness

    LockThreat PCI Awareness

    PCI Security Standards are technical and operational requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to protect cardholder data. The standards apply to all entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data – with requirements for software developers and manufacturers of applications and devices used in those transactions. PCI set of standards is enforced by the founding members of the Council, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard and Visa Inc.
    • PCI DSS
  • What is LockThreat (i-SAFE) Security Awareness Program? +

    I-SAFE is an eLearning / Online learning program to provide security awareness to employees and third parties
  • Why is LockThreat (i-SAFE) important, we already have presentations we do periodically to users? +

    Presentations alone are not enough, training must engage users and should be available when necessary based on user availability. SmartGlobal delivers rich media, Flash-based lessons capture interest. Instructionally designed, interactive content promotes learning by doing. And real-world scenarios, current security content and compelling games make training memorable and relevant.
  • How can the awareness video training be delivered? +

    LockThreat is available as a hosted service on our website or as SCORM-compliant lessons hosted on your internal Learning Management System (LMS). Either way, lesson progress and completion is tracked and reported.
  • If we choose to use the LockThreat Hosted Platform, can we customize the modules specific to user groups or specific users? +

    Yes, the Admin can assign different modules to different Users (or groups).
  • Does the LockThreat Hosted platform support user assessment and reporting for compliance or security management? +

    The online hosted platform has assessment capability and also user progress reporting.
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