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What is CISO Council?

CISO council is a platform for global Cyber Security, Risk & Assurance Leaders. The platform connects the community allowing them to network, discuss and deliberate certain matters related to business, Information and digital technology risks. CISO Council provides members with a trusted platform to share & learn their domain knowledge and experience with other members through a structured approach of Events and Thought Leadership Series, Guidance and implementation documents, Research reports & Tool-kits.

CISO COUNCIL is Hosted on CISOCONNECT™ (Technology Platform connecting the Cyber-security community with the industry ecosystem, enabling collaboration and insights for better engagement).

What are our Goals

Develop a platform for global security & assurance leaders for connecting, contributing and learning, Further

  • Connect Information Security & Risk Assurance leaders on a common platform.
  • Keep the community updated on the necessary situational awareness that includes current attack trends, breaches and other incidents.
  • Organize closed events with CISO & Risk Leaders community.
  • Connect community with government, regulatory bodies & other industry associations to promote the compliance of laws and regulations.
  • Organize community workshops for knowledge exchange and nurture upcoming CISO members.
  • Establish a speaker bureau of global experts.
  • Honor security leaders through various awards & recognitions.
  • Establish a Job Forum with necessary guidance to explore opportunities.
  • Conduct Surveys and Research of key areas